Friday, December 10, 2010


This is what I'm all about. HOT MUSIC, HOT SWAG, (+HOT FOOD), yess.

You guys have to check out this music video by HYPNOTIZE U-NERD. I absolutely love it. I haven't heard the whole album yet but, as always, they're always doin the craziest, dopest shit. I love it when you can tell that an artists has a strong & steady vision of the future of their genre, and NERD always do it just right. AND, of course, the music video definitely hit the spot. You can never go wrong with a baby-oiled Pharrell & a bunch of hot girls in underwear. 

And as always, Mr. Williams never leave the door without his swag.

And of course, I gotta represent the Official DiddyDirtyMoney crew today & say how proud I am of the album. I didn't expect Last Train to Paris to sound ANYTHING like it does. This is trippy music & I can really see all these songs becoming really sexy Club bangers (if they aren't already). Anyhoo.. check out Diddy-Dirty Money: Last Night Part 2.
You can listen to it on Concrete Loop or  download it here:

Swag, swag, swag.


That's it for today. Signing off <3 Nicey.

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